One-To-One Executive Coaching & Mentoring

One-to-One coaching support & mentoring for Senior Executives is the core of our business at Investment Capital Growth Consulting. These intrepid members who make up the boards and TOP teams of an organization can reach out to the mentoring team at ICG for a lifeline of expertise, experience and understanding.

The purpose of coaching and mentoring is to increase the awareness of the top tier of an organization. They are the key leaders and must recognize that, with proper external support, they will increase the value of their organization.

Away from the daily distractions and interruptions of the office, coaches and mentors empower individuals to focus on what is expected in their role. ICG Consultants help them explore what challenges need to be overcome to succeed. We address both personal and inter-personal issues, as well as specific abilities and understanding which may need to be acquired. We offer the support needed to ensure success.

Our Approach

ICG CONSULTING offers support by:

  • Assisting senior executives to improve upon key skills needed for leaders.
  • Assisting those responsible for leading in major changes within their organization.
  • Providing insight into moving an organization forward.
  • Easing the isolation often encountered by senior management through an objective and confidential sounding board for impartial feedback on issues.
  • Guiding new chairmen and chief executives as they begin their tenure.
  • Assisting first-time board directors with understanding their responsibilities and roles.

ICG Consultants begin with an assessment to determine if our focus is likely to be concentrated around personal issues related to the new role or more task oriented. We work cooperatively with the client to determine the range of the work and team them with the member of the ICG CONSULTING team best suited to the style of support required.

Personal Challenges:
ICG’s ability to mentor helps individuals gain deeper insight into their own interactions and behaviors toward others. We encourage clients to recognize, accept and, hopefully, modify continuous behavior patterns which may, at times, impede personal performance. Mentors often will challenge a manager’s thought process, provoking personal insights and comfortable solutions to the issues at hand.

Task Focus:
ICG offers a coaching approach that focuses on workplace procedures. We educate managers on processes and methods to improve productivity. We offer specific guidance and advice individuals placed in new positions to ensure the best chance for success. On occasion, individuals may experience a challenging period, and counseling may be needed to improve coping mechanisms.

Executive Coaching is the ability to develop executives and strengthen their leadership ability, performance and career advancement within a specific organizational context. This may include development and integration of specific mindsets and behaviors as well as a focus on identified skills needed for the application. An executive coach brings an advanced array of skill-sets that can be implemented with the goal of transforming the mindset with new subject-specific perspectives. It is instructional in its focus.

Think of Business Mentoring for Executives as:

Direction and guidance from an experienced person who encourages the individual and challenges them to explore and integrate new concepts.  Mentoring guides the individual to reach their full potential in their career and includes direction and advice about specific business challenges, including policy and strategy. Our executive team of mentors has years of experience and an ability to share that knowledge with your team in a rational level as well as a practical level. Mentoring is goal oriented and can be adapted and applied to your own strategic business success. It enables us to share our expertise with you.

Our senior executive mentoring and coaching programs are based on regularly planned meetings over a set period of time to be agreed upon in advance with the client

Executive Impact Group

This program is geared toward helping Board members develop and strengthen essential skills. This would enable them to better guide, influence and share their vision during meetings.

The improved their strategic decision making and empowered the management team to fulfill the company’s strategic plan.

The best corporations invest wisely to mentor, inspire and promote their most talented team members. These individuals are crucial to the future success of the company. This is why, in a challenging economic environment, corporations seek to invest and promote top employees and management – to help develop potential and maintain company success.

The program is intended to consult with and offer mentoring support for your talented team players and assist them in transitioning from functional or operational leadership to rise to effective senior management.

Program Objectives

  • To develop skills in a collaborative, strategically skilled, influential, and challenging learning environment.
  • To help members improve their proficiency in exercising critical judgment, evaluation and decision making capabilities.
  • To support participants in the improvement of their performance in front of key decision makers.
  • To continually reinforce the concept that members become effective in critical thinking skills and continue to practice and improve performance.

Who will this program benefit?

Individuals or members of a corporation’s team of individuals working at senior level across the organization.

Program Delivery

  • The program may be delivered in-house, or participants can attend an open program held externally with participants from other companies.
  • One and a half day workshops held in a small group of 3-6 participants.
  • Two 1:1 mentoring sessions

After the program, the first mentoring session is held within two to four weeks to review immediate needs, identify learning objectives, and opportunities for practicing new skills. The second mentoring session is held 12 weeks after the program has been completed to review performance improvement.

Planning New Futures For Senior Executives

When senior executives are given leave of their organization, part of the exit package may be standard severance and outplacement support as part of their compensation package. This type of support is often helpful when the goal is to assist in finding another role similar to the one being vacated.

Often, this support will be less effective for those who have left senior roles unexpectedly. It will be especially difficult if they are of an age when the probability of finding a similar role elsewhere may not be practical or deemed appropriate. Helping an individual come to terms with the shock of departure, as well as the damage to self-esteem, requires a special approach in an effort to help them rebuild their future.

Our Approach

Senior executives who are within a few years of average retirement age, may find it helpful to have short term one-to-one support that ICG CONSULTING has expertise in providing. We are able to help executives come to terms with accepting their departure and prepare them for a future, which may be considerably different from the one they just left. Traditional outplacement is inclined to concentrate on the practicalities of looking for another job. We focus on the emotional fallout the individual may experience at this crucial period of time. We can help them think through future opportunities and options to assist with finding a positive way to move forward.


Planning and assisting senior executives involves mentoring and coaching programs to help them find a new future and are based on scheduled meetings over a three to six month period of time.

“Tammy has worked with me in several capacities: as a coach for me and my management team, as a consultant where her assessments helped us determine where to go next, and as a workshop leader. She has the ability to help us see and solve the problems at hand.”

– Vice President of Business Operations

Enhancing Boardroom Effectiveness

The role of the Board is one of leadership. In order to lead effectively, you need to present a decisive and undivided course of action.

The boardroom is a politically complex arena. It is a place where:

  • Uncertainties are a constant
  • Evidence is rare
  • Uncertainties are the norm
  • Opinions are not defined succinctly
  • Opinions are diverse
  • There is a need for corporate intelligence
  • Loyalties are continually tested
  • Conflicts of interest thrive

A cohesive Board compromises to ameliorate conflict. Compromise is a legitimate and productive process when used to achieve positive end results. It’s considered an essential element when there is no unanimous decision.

Boards often become consumed by multiple strategic issues. Tactics involve expending resources, whereas strategy drives a vision for the future. Strategic issues should be considered a boardroom discussion, while tactical maneuvers remain the concern for the executives.

Increasingly, Boards are under growing levels of scrutiny from their own operations and shareholders, and are often viewed as more of an expense than a source of value. This is particularly true where operating authority has been largely entrusted to subsidiaries. Boards need to understand how to improve their value both from the perspective of both the company and shareholders.

Our Approach

Investment Capital Growth Consulting has the skill and experience to work with Boards to assist:

  • Chairs to conduct Board affairs and not run the business, while maintaining discretion at all times
  • Board members to outline, present and advocate their position in a succinct and diplomatic manner
  • Board members to improve their ability to discover information through perfecting their analysis skills
  • The Board to enhance relationships between its members and the organization and, specifically, recognize how its values, attitudes and actions impact the performance of the overall organization
  • Gain insight into the [often hidden] dynamics within the Board that can adversely affect performance;
  • Examining and differentiating the dynamic relationships between executive and non-executive, as opposed to the personal relationships between individuals.

Individual and personal issues discovered during the course of this process are usually dealt with separately, during one-to-one mentoring and coaching sessions. This avoids any negative impact on the performance of the Board.

The ICG Consulting Framework

ICG believes advancement can be made in a relatively short period of time. Three two-hour meetings with four to six weeks between meetings is often sufficient to effect change. This allows boards the time to reflect on, experiment with and implement new practices.

To generate the most effective change, we find it best for meetings to be conducted in a neutral atmosphere. We encourage sessions to be held away from the Board’s standard meeting place.

Mentoring Your Family’s Children

IGC Consulting’s “Written Goal Setting” program provides continuous mentoring throughout the year for young people. This program provides you with briefings and alerts for changes in behaviors or if we have any concerns. Our years of working with Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America has provided us with the expertise needed – built on positive role models – to work with your children.

At IGC Consulting, we work with your Son(s) or Daughter(s), using our unique goal setting process, to teach them the easiest way to attain anything they deeply desire (i.e. planning for success and writing goals down on paper). The mentoring program will allow your chilrdren to get the most out of their lives, have  positive self-image and a “can do attitude” in order to achieve  goals and learn the processes that makes success a habit, dreams a reality, and life fun and exciting. We’ll stress money management, safety, and continuous learning. We encourage and welcome insights from you and your spouse during the process.

Make success a family affair!
Contact IGC Consulting for more information on our Written Goal Setting program.

Family Wealth Planning Goals & Coaching

What are your Family Wealth Planning Goals?
At IGC Consulting, we help clarify your family’s values and look at stewardship for the family’s wealth for future generations.

At IGC Consulting, we work with you to establish the family’s vision, values and goals. As an executive, you understand integrated management. You run your company with senior managers from manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, accounting and human resources. You have meetings on a regular basis, determine the strategic direction of the company and operate it in a cohesive and integrated fashion.

The same skills and applications used to run your business should be used to approach the management of wealth. IGC brings to you expertise in investment planning, tax, legal and estate planning. We work with you to clarify your vision and develop a workable path to achieve your goals.

Conversations may include: selecting and managing trusted financial advisors, engaging and educating the family, talking about the definition of success, the process to meet your objectives, investment discipline and aligning the family’s values and goals.

You have worked hard to create a successful business. Be sure your vision provides you with the life you have always dreamed. Call IGC Consulting today.